Your Instructor

Mary Grace Basco

With over 15 years of experience working as a professional sign language interpreter, Mary Grace decided to become an Independent Certified Instructor for the Baby Signs® Program after successfully teaching her infant twins to sign.

In all her classes, Mary Grace respectfully teaches signs linguistically rooted in American Sign Language (ASL).  At the same time, she encourages parents to let their baby take the lead and celebrate the approximated signs little hands produce.  This holds true to the foundations of the Baby Signs® Program.

Mary Grace earned a B.S. in Communication Disorders from Penn State University, a teaching credential in deaf education K-12, an M.S. in Career and Human Resource Development from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is an RID certified sign language interpreter. 

It is rewarding for her to know that with each class she teaches, she is helping parents gain insights into their baby's world and a closer understanding of their baby’s development.

Whether you are still making the decision to sign with your baby or eager to learn more about the Baby Signs® Program, please contact Mary Grace with your questions at

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